How annoying can it be to get back home and dip your toes into a dirty, cold pool covered with leaves and debris? Indeed not your idea of winding up after a long day!

That's why covering your pool with the best pool cover is a great way to ensure that your pool remains nice and warm. Not only a good quality pool cover keeps your pool at a comfortable, but it also protects it when not in use.

The incredible feeling of the warmth of the pool water on your tired body is beyond words. It opens up our skin pores and relaxes your muscles and. Are you looking for a new pool cover to enjoy a refreshing swim? There are plenty of pool covers available in the market that is also popularly known as solar blankets or bubble covers.

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These pool covers are great for both in-ground and above ground pools. Pool owners only need to attach one end of the solar blanket within the reel to turn the wheel or the handle.

Many pool covers are offered with in-built reels to make it easier for users to roll up and cover it up. When buying the best pool cover for your pool, make sure you choose one that depends on your pool size and type. 

It is also crucial to check reviews of a particular product to ensure that it is the best fit for your needs. In this buying guide, we present some of the best pool covers solar and safety pool covers to help you buy the perfect cover. We also highlight a few essential features that you must look for in a cover.

Best Solar Pool Cover

Here are our top picks for the best solar pool cover:

Winner: Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

The best solar pool cover to keep your pool at the perfect temperature is the Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover.  The cover boasts a super-efficient bubble-wrap looking material to prevent water from evaporating. Now you can reduce significant pool heating costs, thanks to this incredible pool cover.

  • Appealing blue design
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Impressive heat retention
  • You can trim it to fit your pool

Not just that, you can also protect your pool from any wanted debris and dirt. It is manufactured out of robust resin material to prevent approximately 95% of the pool's water from getting evaporated.

The durable blanket has an impressive film that features thousands of tiny bubbles that successfully collect and retain hat. That keeps your pool at a comfortable temperature both on chilly days and during freezing nights.

Thanks to a soothing blue color, the pool cover has an aesthetically pleasing look. This cover does a great job of using the sun's rays to warm your pool.

Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover



It can keep the pool water warm for an extended period. It is straightforward to put on and then take it off. It has got an excellent heat retention capability and didn't lose the warmth easily. The material of this Sun2Solar pool cover is soft and durable. It is also easy to trim off the additional parts for added convenience.

Keeping the pool covered reduces an enormous amount of water loss. Investing in this fabulous pool cover means you will have to fill up your swimming pool less.

Buyers who have purchased the product consider it the best solar pool cover worth every penny. One of the best features of the cover is its full two-year warranty and eight-year limited warranty. The warranty remains valid even if you need to trim this cover to match to your pool's size.

The Sun2Solar pool cover is a hit among pool owners. It is a favorite product that has collected a fair share of positive reviews from satisfied customers. It is available for just under $95 on

Runner-Up: Thermo-Tex Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Our runner-up, the Thermo-Tex Solar Pool Cover is built to fuel your swimming passion and lower your heating costs. According to the US Department of Energy, consumers can cut down on chemical consumption and heating expenses by investing in the best pool cover. 

  • Keeps your pool water warm
  • Helps you save money on electric or gas bills
  • Saves money on your gas or electric bills
  • Prevents your pool from dirt or debris

Since this pool cover has premium quality UV protection, your pool remains secured by against damage caused by the sun. Plus, the Thermo-Tex Solar Cover is a good quality pool accessory that keeps all dirt and debris at bay. Moreover, it serves as the perfect way to maintain an ideal pool temperature throughout the year with little expense.

The best feature of this pool cover is that it boasts an incredibly light-weight design which makes it incredibly convenient to put on and take off the pool. No dust or debris infiltrates your pool to contaminate the water. This performance results in hassle-free pool maintenance and negligible water wastage.

Thermo-Tex Rectangle Solar Pool Cover



The Thermo-Tex Solar Cover lets you save on utility expenses and reduces the time you would otherwise have to spend on cleaning your pool. The in-ground pool cover is sure to extend your swimming season and helps you maintain just the right temperature on cloudy days and cold nights.

Pool owners who have bought this fantastic pool cover are happy with its performance. Another great thing about the product is its three-year manufacturer's limited warranty. The cover has collected favorable reviews from satisfied customers. The 16'x32' pool cover is available for just under $97 on Amazon.

Alternative: Intex Solar 29025E Pool Cover

Another healthy option to warm up your pool is the efficient Intex 29025E Solar Cover. Manufactured out of a sturdy plastic blanket, it does a great job of blocking away any dirt and sun damage that can harm your pool. You can also trim it according to your preferences. It is one of the best solar pool covers to make every swim a pleasurable experience.

  • Capable of reducing evaporation by 95%
  • Reduces evaporation by 95 percent
  • Collects and retain the sun’s heat
  • Light-weight material to fit just inside the pool to float in place
  • Comes with a carry bag for storage when not in use

This hi-tech cover stores up the sun’s heat to keep your pool water warm and comfy. Moreover, it ensures there is less water loss owing to the excessive heat. If you are looking for a durable pool cover to have a great swim with your loved ones, the Intex Solar Cover is just what you need. You get immediate and long-lasting results for a pleasurable time in the pool.

The 18-foot solar heat retaining pool cover doubles your pleasure and is available in various sizes. Now you can use the pool for more extended hours. The sun rays heat the lightweight blanket within minutes, and you get a dirt-free pool to maintain the quality of water in your pool.

Intex Solar 29025E Pool Cover



That is an excellent quality pool cover that is popular for its ease of use. Another great feature is that users can easily store it when not in use.

Some users have complained that the cover s made out of a thin material that doesn’t pass the durability test. Nonetheless, the incredible Intex 29025E has received plenty of positive feedback from satisfied pool owners. It is available for just under $40 on

Best Pool Safety Cover

Let's take a look on our top recommendation for the best pool safety cover:

15-Ft Intex Solar Pool Cover 

If you are looking for the best pool safety cover, there is nothing that beats the Intex Solar Cover for 15 ft. diameter. It is a light-weight cover that is engineered to fit any pool up to 15 ft. It is excellent for personal use and offers a potent way to keep your pool temperature just right, for both the kids and adults in the family.

  • Optimal heat retention
  • Cuts down evaporation by 95 percent
  • Comes with a carry bag for storage when not in use
  • Light-weight and durable 

It comes with a cover bag so you can transport it without any trouble. You can also store it away by just folding it. That is a great pool cover to invest in if you are looking for durable safety cover to protect your children from drowning and your pool from debris and sun damage.

Intex Solar Pool Cover Review


The pool cover exceptionally captures the sun’s heat. The light-weight pool cover is durable enough to sustain heavy-duty use. Just set it up in your pool and let it do its damage. You are sure to accomplish a toast pool temperature without any heating costs.

Moreover, it reduces water evaporation by up to 95%.  It is easy to set up and produces exceptional results. The efficient 15 ft. pool cover is available on for less than $28.

Best Winter Pool Cover

We selected top pick for the best winter pool cover:

Buffalo Blizzard Round Deluxe Plus Pool Cover

The Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus is a fabulous swimming pool cover that has received rave reviews from both critics and pool owners. It is the best winter pool cover that is an economical choice for your winter closing requirements.

  • Engineered to sustain harsh weather
  • Comes with a vinyl coated cable and winch
  • Ultraviolet light inhibitor for safeguarding your pool from sun damage
  • Features a full warranty of 3 years and a limited warranty of 12 years

The cover features a 4' overlap with additional material to protect your aboveground pool. This light-weight but tough pool cover is a great choice to install at the end of the season. The Deluxe Plus retains the heat of the pool to keep it warmer. The cover is a great way to attain your pool’s heat when the air cools and the temperate drops down in the night.

That means you can now enjoy a quick or long swim in the night without having to worry about the temperature of your pool at night, especially in winter season.

The Buffalo Bizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover



It cuts down chemical consumption and lowers heating costs. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to install and helps you maintain your pool in winter. With a quick response time, the pool cover provides immediate results to secure your aboveground swimming pool.

Unlike conventional pool covers, it is triple laminated polyethylene. Thank UV resistant nylon threads and double stitching, the cover is built to sustain harsh and extreme weathers. The inhibitor shields your swimming pool from the sun and keeps its clean for less maintenance.

The fantastic pool cover from Buffalo Blizzard has received many positive reviews from happy clients. It is available for a discounted price on If you are interested in buying this pool cover, you can save $13 and purchase it for just above $52.

How To Purchase The Best Pool Cover

You don't have to take a dip in the ice-cold swimming pool to swim in the cold season. The best pool cover not only maintains the ideal temperatures of your pool water, but it is also a handy accessory to keep your pool dirt-free.

Moreover, a pool cover also prevents accidents that occur due to pets and kids falling in open pools. Before you begin exploring options for the best pool cover to maintain the quality, temperature, and hygiene of your pool water, here are a few factors that you must pay attention to before making a purchase.


Here are some of the most popular pool cover types:

Solar Pool Covers

This pool covers a.k.a bubble covers and the least expensive of all the options. Hence, solar pool covers are incredibly favorite among pool owners to absorb the sun's warmth and prevent it from escaping at night. These covers claim to cut down evaporation by 95-99% and reduce heating costs by up to 75%

Solar Pool Cover

Light passes reasonably quickly through the transparent bubbles to facilitate quick heating. In other words, these covers serve as a magnifying glass to keep the pool temperature right. Installation is simple, and the bubbles face down on the water. Pool owners can also trim down these covers according to their pool size.

Automatic Covers

These pool covers are easy to use and alleviate safety concerns. They open and close at the push of a button and are super-easy to operate.

However, automatic pool covers may be expensive options. A reel operates the slats and mechanically covers and uncovers the pool. Users can also lock these covers to prevent it from children.

Such pool covers are custom-fit to the measurements of your pool. You would also need to get these pool covers installed by a professional.

Thermal Pool Covers

One of the best kinds of pool covers; thermal covers block the sun’s rays and prevent damage owing to algae. These covers work best when installed professionally and are designed to cover just about any pool size and shape.

Pool Covers For Winter

Winter covers are manufactured out of a polyethylene fabric and prevent the pool from winter winds and extreme temperatures. These are the best options to choose if you want to avoid any frost damage. Most winter pools are inexpensive and arrange from $150 -$700. Pool owners like these covers since they promise a more natural cleanup process in spring.

Swimming Pool Hidden Covers

Obscure pool covers are must-have accessories if you have a love for aesthetics. You can install these covers on the current or new pool as well as those under renovation.

The roller and blanket are in a sunken section at the end of the pool and a lid, which is generally out of anodized aluminum, hides the cover and roller. Just open the lid and unroll the cover when you need to use the cover.


The primary purpose of purchasing the best pool cover is to keep your pool in a perfect working condition and to avoid accidental drowning. That’s why they are ideal for homes, schools and any pool that is surrounded by too many trees.

You can choose the best pool cover that best fits your needs and falls in your budget. That way you can keep your pool water free of dead leaves, dirt, and debris. You can also maintain the right temperature for a refreshing swim, any time of the day.


When shopping for the best pool cover, it is essential that you consider your climatic conditions. If you live in areas subjected to extreme winter conditions, make sure you buy a mesh pool cover which is a.k.a winter pool cover. It boasts a sturdy mesh that has toughened edges and sturdy straps.

Snow By The Pool

The cover also utilizes anchors to lock it safe, so it doesn't get damaged during a storm or a blizzard. In case you live in a warmer area, you might want to invest in an automatic pool cover that insulates the heat within your pool.

Warranty Period

Some of the best pool covers come with a reasonable warranty period. The warranty is also a proof of the quality and durability of a product. Make sure you check all relevant information about a refund or replacement when buying a pool cover.


Pool covers contain various elements. Some of these include vinyl, UV-stabilized polyethylene, and polypropylene. Pool covers can be opaque or transparent. Since these models come in different colors, it is easier to pick one that matches your style.


The shape and size of your pool also play a significant role in deciding the best cover. Naturally, the cost of a pool cover for a freeform shaped pool is higher than a rectangle pool. Once you have determined the surface area you need to cover, choose the best size that is built to include your pool.

Pool Type

Since swimming pools have two primary types; above-ground and in-ground pools, make sure you check whether your desired cover is built to fit your pool.

Benefits Of Buying The Best Pool Covers

There are various ways swimming pools lose heat, with evaporation being the most significant source of energy loss. For an outside pool, how quickly the water evaporates depends on wind speed at the pool’s surface, humidity and air temperature.

Although there are no environmental complications in an indoor pool an indoor pool, it is, however, likely to lose an enormous amount of heat due to evaporation. It even needs room ventilation to regulate humidity owing to the vast amount of evaporation. Ventilated air requires conditions and adds to energy costs.

The simplest way to take care of all these expenses is to invest in a premium quality pool cover to reduce water loss. Moreover, you can also cover your pool to protect it from sun and chemical damage and maintain the perfect temperature for an enjoyable swim.


Your pool may be in great shape at the moment. However, changes in weather and atmosphere are sure to affect the temperature and quality of your pool water.

Couple Closing Pool With Cover

If your pool is in your backyard, it is likely that you need to clean it frequently to keep it free of leaves and twigs. You can also successfully reduce your energy use and costs. A pool cover also ensures that you don’t have to spend long hours cleaning the pool.

By following the tips we have mentioned in this buying guide, you can purchase the best pool cover according to your pool size and type. Make sure you never settle for a mediocre product that does not come with any warranty.

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