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Best Pool Covers

Best Pool Covers

At Pool Vortex, we research pool covers from some of the biggest names in the industry, and highlight the best pool covers on our website. If you’re shopping for an above ground pool cover or an inground pool cover and are looking to save money on a quality product, consider using the free resources on our site to help you find the best value. When it comes to swimming pool covers, we’ve found that the lowest price is not always the best indication of its overall value- quality and convenience are also important to consider.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Pool Covers

1. Consider solar pool covers to extend the swim season by up to 6 weeks. If you’re anxious about opening your pool in the spring and hesitant to close it at the end of the summer, a solar pool cover could increase water temperatures in the spring and fall seasons by up to 15 degrees. Store during the hot summer months when the water temperature is sufficient for swimming.

2. Invest in winter pool covers that will significantly reduce the amount of work when it’s time to open your pool in the spring. A swimming pool exposed to the elements can end up costing a pool owner a lot of time and money removing leaves, debris, and insects- and equipment can become damaged through excessive performance requirements. You’ll find winter pool cover reviews on our website at Pool Vortex when comparing products and looking for a cover under $100.

3. Look for a product with a warranty. The best pool covers are guaranteed to last for many years, and come with a warranty to protect your investment. Expect a quality cover to last between 5 and 10 years with annual cleaning and proper storage. See our website’s buying guide for more tips and secrets when buying a pool cover to keep your swimming pool clean and warm.

4. Compare safety pool covers to find the best product to keep small children out of the water. While different states have different laws, it’s important to note that the states with the fewest toddler deaths are those with laws requiring triple protection around pools:

  • 4 foot high fences
  • Self-closing gates
  • Alarms that notify family members

Safety pool covers are an extra level of security, but by themselves, are not an adequate substitute for law-mandated security solutions that have proven to be effective in saving the lives of children.

5. Invest in a quality product. What good is a cheap pool cover if it only lasts for a single season? Our 5-star rated products are considered the best pool covers on the market because they’re durable and long-lasting. See our top recommendations:

  1. Blue Wave Above Ground Oval Pool Cover
  2. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover
  3. The Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover
  4. ThermoTex Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Our free Buying Guide is located at the heading of the Pool Vortex homepage; feel free to take advantage of our reviews and tips when purchasing your next pool cover.

Best Pool Covers

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