The Buffalo Bizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover Review

The Buffalo Bizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover Review

If you are the owner of a swimming pool, then you know how much of a pain it is to have to collect all the leaves, dead insects, plant and animal debris, climate-based litter like snow and rain, and all kinds of random objects that have conveniently landed in your pool over the night.

If you are looking to increase your time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it, then maybe you should look into buying a swimming pool cover.

The Buffalo Bizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover Cable And Winch

The Buffalo Buzzard 24’ Deluxe plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover is an option that would cover your cleaning needs, and then some. Consequentially, the cover ensures that your swimming pool is safe during the night, or long drives, or when you are vacationing.

About The Product

With the Buffalo Buzzard 24’ Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover, you have the following advantages:

  • Reduced rate of water evaporation, which means filling up the pool less often
  • Retention of chlorine, which degrades under sunlight. That not only says a lot of time saved in refilling water with chlorine but also expenses evaded in buying the chlorine in the first place
  • Reduced loss of heat by 4 degrees so that the water maintains the perfect lukewarm temperature, neither too chilly nor too hot
  • Heat retention means a significant cost saved from not using heaters
  • A swimming pool free of dust, animal and plant debris,  dead insects, snow and heavy rain, which means less cleaning hassles
  • Debris-free swimming pool means reduced chlorinator and filter blockage, which would otherwise reduce the efficiency of the systems
  • No worrying about the state of your swimming pool, dreading the mess you would have to clean up, when you are vacationing or merely busy

Here are some of the incredible features of the Buffalo Buzzard 24' Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover:

Easy To Use

The biggest complaint about swimming pool covers is perhaps the fact that they can get pretty hard to put on, and often require the buying of an additional automatic machine tool to reduce the hassles. With the Buffalo Buzzard 24’ Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover, you are free from all such disturbances.

This 28-inch cover is designed specifically for 24-inch swimming pools and comes attached with double grommets ever 36 inches on the radius of the cover. That ensures a secure attachment to the edges of the swimming pool, and the grommets guarantee a steady and robust grip with something concrete and firm.

You will not have to worry about coming home to a mess because you are unsure about the steadiness of the cover.


With a vinyl coating on the cables and wenches, a cross-stitched hem that is three times the average thickness swimming pool covers, and a polyethylene laminated thrice over, the Buffalo Buzzard 24' Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover stands as durable and robust as any swimming pool cover can ever get.

The Buffalo Bizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover Material

This strength comes in handy when you live in a high-rainfall or high-snowfall area, where a lot of weight falls onto outdoor things left overnight. In high winter areas, you need a tear-free covering for your swimming pool that can handle a lot of pressure for hours, and the Buffalo Buzzard 24' Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover is built precisely to combat such needs.

UV Protection

Swimming during the winters turns into an extreme sport, and the water needs to be heated continuously for you even to begin to think about stepping in. That is where the Buffalo Buzzard 24' Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover comes in handy. Moreover, the product has UV resistant fiber; it is made specially to keep the heat inside from dusk until dawn.

That reduces the loss of heat by about 4 degrees, and anyone who has unwittingly stepped into some chilly waters will testify to the fact that that is a lot of heat retention. Not only that, but it saves you the cost of heating up the pool every morning. It’s a win-win!

3-Year Full Warranty, 12 Year Limited Warranty

The manufacturers have full faith in this product, and hence offer an incredible warranty of more than a whole decade. That is not a waste of money, instead of an investment.

The Buffalo Buzzard 24’ Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover comes with it a full warranty of 3 years, which in itself is enormous considering how extreme those winters can get in the U.S, but then the manufacturers add the benefit of an extra nine years of limited warranty.

What Others Are Saying

People who have bought this cover are in awe at how sturdy, durable, and inexpensive it is. It manages to offer more than the original deal regarding the length of the sheet, taking up more area than promised under the price, all the while looking pleasing to the eye as it does its job.

Moreover, adding to that, it is entirely hassle-free to have to put on because of its added extra 4 inches in length; the product is 28 inches for a 34-inch swimming pool. Plus, the double grommets placed every 36 inches or so only add to the fixing and placement ease.

However, some people living in extreme climatic conditions where the gusts reach about 35mph and more, and the snowfall gets unusually heavy, the Buffalo Buzzard 24' Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover has met some damage.

The company was quick to refund in those cases. On the contrary, many people with severe climatic environments have reported positive feedback, saying that the cover managed to retain heavyweights and overnight snow.

A lot many people have commended the company for the active, fast delivery and the ease with which the company responds in case of any problems. No product is entirely risk-free, but with the Buffalo Buzzard’s customer service, you don't have to worry about wasting any time or extra money.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Buffalo Buzzard 24’ Deluxe Plus Swimming Pool Winter Cover for under $52 from Amazon with free shipping. 

The Buffalo Bizzard Deluxe Winter Pool Cover


The manufacturer also offers three years full warranty, and 12 years limited warranty along with fast delivery, and easy to access feedback mechanism. Your money will either be fully refunded or invested for a good 12 years.  It cannot get any better than this!

Final Verdict

With so many features under a reasonable price and a long-time guarantee, this product is an incredible investment, and you would not want to miss out!

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