All You Need To Know About Pool Covers

All You Need To Know About Pool Covers

Pool covers, also commonly known as blankets are used by numerous people to keep dirt, debris, and any other unwanted object out of swimming pools and spas. Pool covers are not as famous as they should be.

The main reason for this is the fact that most people are not even aware of their existence. However, once they find out its multiple benefits, they cannot help but get themselves a good pool cover.

Not only do pool covers come in handy for keeping out unnecessary things, but they are also even useful for reducing evaporation in hotter months. Some studies indicate that pool covers minimize evaporation to about eighty percent, which is quite impressive. 

Cover On The Pool

People often install heating systems in their pools, but the heat usually tends to escape from the pool after a short period. By installing pool covers, they can say goodbye to these problems as these covers make sure that it retains the heat efficiently.

It is hugely beneficial to pool owners as it saves them from massive expenditures. Some of these expenditures include re-heating, which consumes too much electricity or battery power.

There are different lengths of pool covers available. Some manufacturers even make custom pool covers to make sure that they cater to the customer’s specific demands such as length, width, and shape.

What Are The Uses Of A Pool Cover?

Here are the most common uses of a pool cover:

Water Evaporation Reduction

You wouldn't have to worry about filling your pool with water time and time again as the pool cover will ensure that the water present in your pool doesn't evaporate and escape your pool.

Even though the quantity of the evaporated water isn't as large as some people assume, but in the grand scheme of things a vast amount of water escapes evaporation.

Heat Retention

As we mentioned previously, pool covers are great for retaining heat in your spas and swimming pools. Heating pools is a hassle that is not only time consuming, but it requires someone to watch over the swimming pool regularly.

No one has enough to time to go through all that. So what better option than pool covers to look after your pool and retain its heat with the utmost efficiency? However, specific pool cover materials are more effective than others for preserving heat.

Small Debris Protection

No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to keep debris from messing up your pool and countless other things. Small particles of dust, cement, sand, and various other things fall into your pool making it unclean and unsafe.

Woman Washing Pool Cover

These particles are too small to take out with a net; therefore, emptying and refilling the swimming pool on a constant basis is the only option people have to resort to in these cases.  It is not only tiring but also extremely time-consuming as well.

However, installing a pool cover over your pool will eliminate all of these problems as the cover will act as a shield and make sure that the debris falls over it instead of the swimming pool. You will not have to worry about continually emptying your pool to fill the pool again and again.

How Does A Pool Cover Work?

Pool covers work in a variety of ways; they save you a lot of money without you even knowing it. Case in point, there are countless ways by which a swimming pool can lose its energy. By energy, we mean heating present in the pool.

There are also numerous ways by which a swimming pool can lose water in a short period, evaporation being the leading cause. However, the rate of evaporation is different in outdoor pools and indoor pools. Several factors like humidity, wind speed, and temperature play an enormous role in determining how fast the water of an outdoor pool evaporates.

The evaporation rate increases when there is low humidity, and the wind speed and pool temperature is high. People living in windy areas use various techniques to eliminate these problems. They grow shrubs and trees near the pool. Some people even install windbreakers to make sure that the rate of evaporation is as low as possible.

Even though the environment does not affect indoor pools, numerous other things do impact it. Indoor pools often require ventilation to control and maintain the humidity of the premises which is primarily due to evaporation.

People take numerous steps to regulate their pool's quality and even though they are successful, they still have some problems that are hard to control. Pool covers are the single most effective solution to all of these problems.

They work as well with indoor pools as they do with outdoor pools, so there is no restriction of installing your pool cover only in specific places.

Pool covers solve the humidity and evaporation problems with indoor pools as they maintain the heat of the pool's water while also making sure that it doesn't affect the temperature of the premises around the swimming pool.

You can save energy by turning of the exhaust fans as the covers will not let any smoke or warmth escape the pool. Similarly, with outdoor pools, pool covers absorb the heat of the sun during the daytime and transfer it to the pool. It will make sure that you do not require any heaters to warm up your swimming pool.

People often assume that windbreakers are the best option for maintaining and protecting their swimming pools. But upon a closer look, you'll discover that the pool covers are far superior. You need to adjust the windbreakers at specific heights which are not only tricky but also relatively ineffective as well.

The reason why we claim it to be relatively useless is that they do not protect the pool fully, and chances of debris falling over are still high. Not only that, you have to continually readjust the windbreakers to make sure that it does not block the sunlight from the pool, which is a tiring job. On the contrary, you have to install the pool covers, and that is it.   

Reduction Of Chemicals

You have to pour chemicals into a swimming pool as it is essential. These chemicals purify the water and make it safe for swimming.

Pouring Chemicals For Cleaning Pool

However, these chemicals are hazardous for human beings as they considerably damage skin, hair, and the internal organs if they somehow enter the body. It is why every pool owner should make sure that they pour the least amount of chemical possible.

But with the dirt the air carries, it is impossible not to put significant amounts of chemicals inside your pool as they are what ensure the purification of water.

Installing pool covers will make sure that you do not have to weak too much chemical in your pool. The reason for this is just because the cover will protect your pool from dirt, keeping it pure at all times.

Types Of Pool Covers

There are many different types of pool covers. All of them have various features, designs, prices, and use different materials in their production. Let us discuss some of the commonly used pool cover types down below.

Plastic Pool Covers

As the name implies, plastic pool covers use plastic. These covers are relatively simple and easy to handle. People mostly use these covers on kids' pools. Installing plastic pool covers is extremely easy. You have to spread the pool cover across the length of the swimming pool and attach its ends to the attachments outside the pool.

People commonly make the mistake of buying large plastic sheets from the local market or the lumber store. These plastic sheets are very different from the plastic pool covers. The plastic pool covers are for swimming pools - so you should not use and should not be alternated with any other thing.

There are different varieties of plastic covers available. Some of them are made from polypropylene, while some use UV stabilized polyethylene.  There are various colors of plastic pool covers available in the market. You can even find transparent plastic pool covers in some places.

Bubble Pool Covers

The bubble pool covers are among the cheapest forms of pool covers available anywhere. However, these covers are great at doing their job as they are right for pools located at places that do not have a suitable environment for pools. The bubble pool covers are made using different forms of plastic.

The feature that makes the bubble pool covers extremely impressive is its ability to capture the sun's heat and increase the temperature of the water.

People living in cold areas are usually among the people who use bubble pool covers. They are easily portable and relatively light. These covers are as tough as nails as it is difficult to penetrate them. Some bubble pool covers come with power locks that make sure that the cover does not fly away.

Vinyl Pool Covers

If you are looking for covers that can endure the toughest of conditions and are durable as ever, then look no further than vinyl pool covers. These covers are steady and sturdy and offer your pools the protection they deserve. Even though they are slightly expensive than the other types of pool covers, vinyl pool covers give you the best bang for your buck.

Man With Bike On Pool Cover

Their superior quality makes sure that they do not go through any significant wear and tear. Vinyl pool covers are slightly on the heavier side, but that will happen because it has a durable and steady material.

A minor problem people face with vinyl pool covers is it tends to accumulate water and dust over it relatively quickly than other pool covers. It is because its surface is extremely flat. However, these covers are an excellent option for people who have children and pets in their house. 

The reason for this is because the vinyl pool covers would be impossible for them to remove. Most of the vinyl covers come along with locks. These locks make sure that the cover stays attached to the pool at all times and unlike numerous other covers, doesn't fly away with the slightest flow of wind.

Liquid Pool Covers

Whereas most of the pool covers are thick and visible to the naked eyes, liquid pool covers are different. The pool cover is a seemingly invisible layers of alcohol that on top of a swimming pool. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the liquid pool covers also prevent evaporation.

You do not need to worry about swimming in the pool with the presence of pool covers as Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency has approved these covers. There are even numerous toxicology reports that prove that it is safe to swim in pools containing liquid covers.

However, you should always follow the guidelines given by the manufacturers. Pouring more than recommended liquid cover will significantly sabotage your pool. The liquid cover pools are proven to be about seventy-five percent as useful as plastic pool covers.

Numerous qualities make this pool covers unique. But the one thing that stands out most is the fact that the liquid pool covers protect you at all times, it doesn't matter if you are swimming in it or if your pool is empty. It is infinitely better than the other pool covers, which only protect your swimming pools when no one is present in them.

Some companies package the liquid pool covers in bottles while others store them in sachets. One recommended dosage of the pool cover usually lasts for about twenty to thirty days. Instead of carrying around massive pool blankets and attaching them, you have to pour the liquid pool covers.

Liquid pool covers are safe and do not have any odor. Opening your eyes under the pool will not be a problem as the liquid covers are specially designed keeping safety in mind.

Winter Covers

There are specific elements the winter season brings along that have the potential of ruining your pool. Therefore, investing some money on winter pool covers would be a great idea as they are specially designed to make sure that your pool is safe from unfavorable winter elements.

Safety Cover On Pool

You can use winter pool covers for above ground pools as well as in-ground pools. Winter pool covers usually come along with additional accessories and tools to make sure that installing these covers is not a big problem.

How To Measure Your Pool Correctly For Your Pool Cover?

You should always be aware of the fact that no swimming pool is of the same size. Therefore it is quintessential to find out the perfect measurement of your pool. A majority of people face a lot of problems in measuring their pools as most of them don't even have the slightest idea of where to begin.

We have provided some essential steps that will make measuring our pool significantly easy. A common mistake people make when they measure their pools' size is they often forget to add the measurements of the steps. It leads them to take the wrong measurements, and in turn, they buy the wrong sized pool cover.

You should also take the depth of your pool into consideration. You might require a significant cover if you are planning to fill up your pool completely. Otherwise, you will have to drain some water before installing the cover, which completely defeats the cover's purpose.

Also, consider immovable objects when you measure the size of your pool. Rails and ladders are among the commonly found immovable objects near the swimming pool. You will require a significantly larger cover if these objects are too close to the pool.

If you have designed your pool in a unique way an there aren't any covers that fit your pool's size and shape, then you might have no other option than ordering a customizable pool cover.

Custom pool covers are slightly expensive than regular ones, but they are given particular attention during production to make sure that they fit your pool perfectly. You can even order the manufacturers to install custom locks to your pool covers.

Deciding Between An Automatic, Semi-Automatic Or Manual Cover

In case you were not aware, semi-automatic and automatic pool covers available as well. Understanding the differences between the three will help you better to decide which cover would suit you best.

Manual Cover

As the name implies, manual covers are the simplest and most common covers that people use. The reason why it is so familiar is that it is inexpensive in comparison to the other two pool covers. However, you have to install and take off these coves using your own bare hands, which can be time-consuming and difficult for some people.

Semi-Automatic Covers

You can mount these covers on the side of the pool; they can open and close quickly by a simple push of a button. Most of these covers are aluminum and vinyl. They are almost impenetrable. Semi-automatic covers can promptly cover the complete length of your pool, and the only way to remove them would be to press the button available on its mount.

Man Using Pool Cover

Automatic Covers

Automatic covers are the most expensive covers out of all the three. However, they are the most efficient covers as they close automatically as soon as the sensors sense that there is no one present inside the pool.

The engines that operate these covers are of top-quality and can run for years without any problem. Not only do automatic pool covers not require any human assistance to work, but some of them even have built-in heaters to keep the pools warm.

Maintaining Pool Covers

It may seem that pool covers are just sheets that require no maintenance at all, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Even though you do not have to maintain the pool covers on a daily basis, it would be preferable to check on it after every few weeks.

  • Make sure that the water present in your pool is on mid-level. Not too low and not too high, because both of these can be detrimental to your pool cover
  • Remove any mud, snow from the cover as soon as you remove the cover; this is especially important for automatic pool covers as the debris can enter the engine and stop it from functioning smoothly
  • If you find molds developing on your pool covers, try to get rid of them by using a garden hose
  • You can also use detergents to scrub the molds off
  • Regularly check the covers for any wear and tear. Patch the torn part of the cover as soon as you can, and if the damages are too significant merely exchange the cover
  • Do not cover your pool instantly after pouring chemicals into it. Wait for about three to four hours. The chemical agents have the potential to damage specific materials present in the pool covers
  • Clean all of the anchor sockets of your semi-automatic or automatic pool covers. It is crucial if you want them to function correctly


We have discussed pool covers and their numerous benefits in this article. We have also discussed in great detail about the different types of pool covers. You can also read about pool cover maintenance and winterize your pool covers. This article will also help you decide whether to choose a manual or a semi-automatic pool cover.

Woman Covering Pool

It is the ultimate blueprint for anyone looking to gain knowledge about pool covers. Down below we have provided you with the perfect buying guide that will help you choose the pool cover that will best suit your needs.

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