Who does not like to extend the time in the warm pool to relax after a tiring day?  However, to get this warm and indescribable feeling, it is necessary that your pool is covered or has an installed gas or electric heater.   

So if you are a pool owner and love swimming, it is essential to consider specific options that fit your bill and simultaneously keep your pool water at desired temperature.

Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover Features

A solar cover is one of the practical yet affordable options you can seek. It is an advanced way to capture the sun heat during daytime and retain it to keep the pool warm during night hours. Buyers who value quality, a Sun2Solar pool cover is their go-to product as it does not only maintain pool water temperature but keep out debris and bacteria that may harm your health.

About The Product

The solar blanket comprises of thousands of small bubbles that are designed to work together to hold sun heat that enable you to enjoy sun’s warmth at night.  The product sets its aim to reduce pool heating cost by providing customers the best pool water heating solution to help them enjoy swim season.

  • Made of tiny thousand bubbles to retain warmth
  • Allows minimum evaporation of water
  • Has lightweight, convenient to put on and remove
  • Entails an advanced heat retention capacity
  • Made with trim-able material to be customized to any pool shape
  • Comes with long-term warranty
  • Has a large size rectangular size of 16 x 32

Enjoying swim season in summers is no more confined to daytime.  With Sun2Solar Blue Pool Cover, you can engulf bathing pleasure in the pool while devouring warmth of the sun during the night as well.  The excellent pool cover is for swimming enthusiasts who do not follow clocks to dive into the deep blue, tranquil pool of water.

Sun2Solar Blue Pool Cover comes with a score of benefits to help you keep your pool water warm and reduce heating cost. No longer do you need to worry about spending money to install expensive gas and electric heaters to maintain the temperature of your pool water.  

The fantastic pool cover does not rely on electricity or fossil fuels that make it one of the affordable pool heating solutions you seek.  Moreover, carrying a wide range of variety, the pool covers are available in different colors, sizes, and layer thickness.

Sun2Solar Blue Pool Cover, with its 16 x 32 size is perfect for in-ground pool water. It has a thin film made of 12-mil material.  It does not only induce heat but is packed with tiny thermal bubbles to retain sun heat in cold and cloudy night time weather. 

The transparent blue pigment bubbles can absorb the sun's heat.  It further covers entire pool area while retaining the warmth optimally within your pool water. Moreover, the solar blanket uses a smart technology to transmit ultraviolet rays into tiny air bubbles that keep your pool water at the desired temperature to give you an enjoyable swim. 

Not only does it retain UV rays, but decrease evaporation up to 95% that helps you prevent water loss.  Plus, Sun2Solar Blue Pool Cover is flexible as you can trim it to customize it according to the shape of your pool.

Woman Covering Pool

Furthermore, contaminated pool water can cause some diseases due to environmental pollutants and different water –associated germs and bacteria. That is to say; keeping your pool water protected from debris and dirt is essential to both your pool life and your health.

​The Blue Pool Cover guarantees a 100% protection from pollutants to enter into pool water as it has a resin material. It is thick and large enough to cover the edges entirely to ensure maximum protection from contaminants.

The pool cover is a long-term solution to regulate your pool water temperature with its durable and reliable quality. It comes with two years warranty to allow you replace or return the defected pool cover to compensate your money.



  • Reduces the requirement of an electric pump
  • An average temperature of the pool is 12 F
  • You can trim the pool cover as per the shape of pool shape
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and prevents water evaporation
  • Some of the small blue plastic parts float and does not cover the pool water

What Others Are Saying

Well packaged, easy to trim, thermal, thick, and handy, buyers have listed all these impressive features of Sun2Solar Blue Pool Cover while optimally reflecting over different forums. They are delighted with their purchase and found the product more than they had expected.  It is reliable and cut the cost of buyer's utility bills.

Moreover, the product lasts up to minimum two years with constant exposure to sunlight and chlorine. It is a worthy investment for its buyers because of its unparallel quality.

Buying Advice

Most buyers complained about receiving defected pool covers as they used different online services. There were concerns about the wrong size they received that did not fit their pool size.  However, buyers who purchased their orders via reliable portals like Amazon were satisfied and happy with the quality and discount price. 

Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Source: walmart.com

If you are an interested buyer, you can enjoy exciting discount offers upon buying it from Amazon. The product is available on Amazon under $95.  

Final Verdict

All in all, the pool is undeniably an excellent source of relaxation and entertainment whether you are a swimmer or not. A sun2solar blue pool cover can save you a lot of money in the long-run.

It does not only prevent sun’s heat from escaping but keeps your pool water protected from dust and dirt. Thus, investing in ​the Blue Pool Cover is a smart decision to cover up pool water and reduce utility expenses.

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